Decoding Google Search Engine Optimization

“My site doesn’t show up on Google!” “How do I reach out to a large audience?”

Everything about the website feels great. It has amazing colours, a great layout and it just works flawlessly. BUT, it’s nowhere on Google.

Essentially to be a traffic magnet, a site has to get a terrific ranking with Google, the world’s most popular search engine. When a website is featured in the top Google ranks, the market to which it reaches out and the customer base automatically gains leverage.

The top things that one can do to place a website on a prominent, relevant and accessible position on Google’s search engines is a series of well designed steps of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.


  1. OPTIMISING the content:

An effective content strategy must be in place to compliment your social media programme. A website with high quality subject matter as the content will attract visitors and engage them. The content should be easy to comprehend and must prove to be useful to lure visitors and web programmers.

In addition to providing unique content, the matter should also be updated regularly. Choosing actively searched keywords that best describe your body of work is also an effective strategy. However, the use of irrelevant keywords just for the sake of generating traffic is deception and can be detected by Google, which will in turn hinder a higher ranking for your website.

  1. GROW your web network:

To get a higher Page Rank, it is important to get different sites to link to various pages within your site. This is called Link Building.
The Pagerank can be downloaded from the Google toolbar easily.

When a web page that is ranked high by the Google Pagerank links to your site, the importance of your webpage automatically increases. So, it is essential to get relevant sites with higher ranking i.e. ‘natural links’ to consider your content as valuable and worth linking to.

Setting up ‘Unnatural links’ to your site are plain strategies to boost your Google ranking and make your site look popular with search engines.

The webmaster Guidelines enlist some of these links (such as doorway pages) that a web programmer should clearly avoid.

Google can breakthrough and distinguish between the natural links and the unnatural ones.

Hence, only the genuine Natural links help in maintaining a dynamic website that is consistently upped by the Google ranking system.

  1. AUGMENT your web page’s speed:

Google developers provide a free and accessible tool, PageSpeed, to test your web page’s speed. The PageSpeed feature offers insights on how to optimise the speed at which the page loads and generates suggestions on how to make the page faster and user-friendly. It judges the speed by fetching the url twice, once with a mobile user operator and once with a desktop user operator.

PageSpeed overlooks the network-dependent features of a page’s performance as the ultimate speed at which a page loads depends on the visitor’s network connection.

  1. Dust off those SPIDER TRAPS:

Features such as cookies, Macromedia flash, DHTML, JavaScript might disable the site from being seen in totality in a text browser.

One way to check a site’s visibility can be through a text browser like Lynx which gives you an idea of how spiders will access the given site.

The idea is to ensure the visibility of the website from any static text link.

  1. Stay away from DECEPTION tactics:

In an attempt to improve the Google ranking of your website, it may seem like
a good idea to flood the webpage’s content with keywords that are consistently repeated. However, Google is privy to such strategies which may lead to your website being ignored altogether. Publishing the most effective content and reaching out to the relevant crowd is what makes a website known on the world wide web.

Google takes punitive action against CLOAKING tactics which are aimed at creating two different web pages, one for the user and the other for Google, which is loaded with keywords.

The above tactics must be sincerely avoided to up the website’s ranking on Google and to avoid a temporary ban levied by Google.


Once the website is launched, it takes time for Google to work on it. Checking it constantly and contemplating over it won’t help you much.

Plan your tactics carefully while designing the site, follow the key principles of a Google friendly site and let the magic unfurl!

These are just the bare essentials that a web programmer must follow in order to reach out to the mass of visitors that are out there everywhere, accessing the online portals by the millions. However, to have your website positioned in the top search results, a wide plethora of technical tools can be employed.

At Naijagosocial we have a team of webmasters just for you; they’ll promote your website, make sure in time you show up on Google Search Engine and nurture your network to grow your business online.

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