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Naija go social is an endeavour to take more businesses in Nigeria to the World Wide Web and empower them with the best practices of Social Media and Content marketing.

Our Story

Devesh Uba - founder of Naija Go Social, moved to Lagos in the year 2013. Devesh has extensive experience working in global agencies in Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, Content Development and Qualitative Market Research in India.

Before launching Naija Go Social, Devesh worked for some time in Nigerian agencies as well as an independent consultant, to gain a good understanding of the Nigerian market. Towards the end of 2013, he decided to start his own boutique agency. The idea was simple - social media marketing powered by engaging original content, something that Devesh felt was largely missing in the Nigerian market at the time.

Though Naija Go Social started as a Social Media Marketing agency, NGS’s mandate expanded into website development mainly due to client demand. In the initial years there was everything happening - Content Development, Social Media Campaigns and Website Development along with Snap It Oga!

Things changed towards the end of 2016, when the focus of business shifted primarily to Websites and Mobile Applications Development along with Content Development. From a simple single page website to complex web applications, Naija Go Social can develop it all. Content Development capabilities gave rise to Online Reputation Management in 2016 and it became another key offering from Naija Go Social. Today our team manages Online Reputation for some leading Nigerian business leaders.

Today, we are a premium website design and development agency with clients from Nigeria, USA, Canada and UK, We are choosy about the projects we work on, but once decided, we commit 100% to the project and aim to hit the ball out of the park! Our team of web developers, content creators, UI designers and product managers based in both Lagos and India are on hand to deliver world-class services.

Our Team

We believe in following our passions and therefore we have handpicked experts from various fields. Our team comprises bloggers, graphic artists, award winning designers, film makers, photographers and internet experts.

We stem from different backgrounds and cultures which brings diversity in our approach and thought process. We are driven by our passion for the internet and are committed to bringing to fore its positive impact on Africa, its businesses and its people.


Founder, Director
Living & Working in Lagos since 2013


Content Director
Living & Working in Lagos since 2013


Product Director
Working with Nigerian clients since 2010