Explainer Videos in Nigeria

Short videos, massive results!

With many Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) coming up in Nigeria, the role of Social media marketing in enhancing business increases. Realizing the tremendous scope offered by social media marketing, NaijaGoSocial suggests each business venture to mark its presence on the web.

Traditional forms of media like TV, Radio and Newspaper are expensive and cumbersome. Therefore there is need for creative Videos which can be used via Social Media Marketing by brands to market their products and services in cost effective way.

Video marketing tactics are a rage these days. With various video marketing options available, animated explainer videos are probably the most popular with the viewers.

So, what are explainer videos?

Explainer videos in Nigeria are creative media strategies that are being employed by businesses to explain their brand’s concept to their potential customers in short, creative videos.

Videos accomplish what long textual pieces of information fail to achieve in a short span of time.

Why are they needed?

Today, everyone is online. With netizens hooked to social media; Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are popular hubs for interaction. By releasing videos of your ventures on social media, you are ensuring that your brand will remain in your audience’s mind for a longer period of time.

Videos are fun and engaging. If designed well, they are bound to be talked about and keep visitors glued to your page. They are great for increasing traffic to your website.

To give your customers an app’s preview or a sneak peek into your brand’s latest venture, short videos are one of the most practical and effective options available.

For professional presentations, classroom displays, medical aids, awareness campaigns; explainer videos are the way to go. A practical approach is needed while dealing with complex ideas, products, services and communicating them. A video gives you that approach. Videos are a great tool if you want to educate your audience.

UNICEF Nigeria released an explainer video, available in multiple Nigerian languages, on Youtube. Watch, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKOEBPhDyhQ.  U-report enables communities across Nigeria to participate and advocate for better services using SMS messages.

Animated Explanation Videos:

  • They are fun! Animations have an entertaining element to them. In terms of creativity, too, they have a tremendous scope.
  • Live action videos require a huge amount of logistics; actors, lights, cameras etc. Animation videos are, therefore, an easier option as compared to them.
  • Animation videos are cheaper than real life videos in Nigeria.

Watch this cool animated explanation video created by us: http://www.naijagosocial.com/.  The video uses a minute to explain how we are different.

What makes Explainer videos in Nigeria work?

  • Be creative: Add that extra touch of humor to engage your viewers.
  • Include your product or service in the visuals. People would like to see and know more about what you do.
  • Keep it short. A minute is enough to convey your entire idea.
  • Aim to engage your viewer through a concept based video. Make use of an impressive story line, if possible.
  • Use animations, interesting voice-overs and bold graphics to create visual interest. Minimize the use of text.

An explainer video is the new BIG thing in social media marketing. A careful video advertising strategy is important for any business. It makes sure that you leave a lingering impact on your potential customers. For interesting and cos
t effective solutions, contact NaijaGoSocial.

We offer exclusive video marketing strategies for your business. Our services include consultations to assess the core marketing demands of your business, conceptualization of the brand, visualization of the story, sound design and the final delivery of the video. Our team also develops search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to boost your video’s web presence and visibility.

Get in touch with us at NaijaGoSocial to know more!



Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to enhance your web presence and to get people to remember your product. Loaded with graphics, they are easy to understand, less time consuming and more appealing than long textual versions of the same story. Video marketing is one of the best solutions available to give your customers a brief 30 second overview of your business.

Check http://www.naijagosocial.com/video-making-marketing

Videos are a great way of getting people to talk about your product and sharing them over social media platforms.
However, video advertising requires a carefully mapped marketing strategy to be successful.

Here are 6 tips to help you create a video marketing strategy that makes sense:

  1. Determine the audience.

Being very clear about the type of people that you need to target is essential. Outline the specific target demographic and formulate your strategy around them.

  1. What kind of video should you create to market your business successfully?

Establish the type of video needed to fulfil your purpose.
Outline the basic content for your video. Then, choose the type of video that best explains this content and captivates the viewers at the same time.
Some of the numerous options include:

  • Webinars
  • Tutorials and friendly how-to videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Documentaries, case studies
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Company culture videos
  1. Aim for a multi-lingual audience.

Since the biggest advantage of having an online presence is the global audience network, a video should be accessible and comprehensible worldwide. Anyone with a valid internet connection should be able to access your video and make sense out of it.

Simple, easy to understand and fun videos are a creative way to leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

Try to incorporate an additional wow factor in your video. Animations are a great idea. They are fun, creative and stimulating.

See http://www.naijagosocial.com/animation-videos for affordable animation videos in Nigeria.

  1. Keep it short.

You want your customers to go through the entire video. The best way to ensure that is to keep your videos short and crisp. You don’t want them yawning half way through your campaign!

  1. Publish your video online.

Make use of Search engine optimisation strategies to your video’s online presence.

Share your video on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With 200 million Nigerian users, Instagram is a great place to show off your brand’s presence and to interact with a strong community.

  1. Keep posting consistently.

You may opt for a marketing strategy that involves a series of videos, posted over a short period of time, to engage your audience, keep them hooked and, most importantly, to keep your brand’s image fresh in their minds.
Having a carefully outlined marketing strategy in place is essential for a successful video campaign.

Let our team at Naijagosocial handle the production, optimization and promotion of your videos. Contact us for affordable and highly effective video marketing strategies and video SEO services.

Website development

A website is one of the most important assets for a business. It is the best form of communication that can help you reach out to a widespread population without burning a hole in your Pocket.


Shape Your Ideas
You may have a lot of abstract ideas that, if presented properly and clearly, can be a blessing for your business. A website presents you with an opportunity to explore a multitude of possibilities for expanding your business through the internet. Naija Go Social helps you mould these ideas into actions.

Key features of a Website:

  • Content: It must have content that is relevant and comprehensive. The users should be able to find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily. One should also keep in mind the right keywords people are searching for.
  •  Engagement: After the initial good impression, it becomes essential to engage the users with right apps or videos and generate their curiosity.
  •  User-Friendly: The website must be smooth, easy to navigate and have error-free web pages that load quickly.Information mentioned on the website needs to be crisp, clear and carefully managed.

The technical aces at Naijagosocial will assist you at each stage of website development, right from helping you develop your ideas into a website that is perfect for your business to ensuring that your website has a terrific Google rank using Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. SEO strategies.


  • Prior to the above steps, we like to engage with our clients.. and try to know you better, your aspirations for your business become evident. A discussion with you helps us know: The motive of the website,target audience And the type of content. Planning:

The planning stage includes the development of a site map wherein the main topics of the site are enlisted. A comprehensive navigational system can only be developed when we are clear about the content that the website is supposed to cater to. Setting up wireframes gives us an idea about the layout of each web page in the site. The content hierarchy on a web page may be established using wireframes.



The visual delight that one feels on visiting a website is a result of this stage. The final decision for the design of the website lies with you.

The website must reflect and reinforce the brand or business’s image through its design by virtue of logos or colours used. Also, it is imperative to design the site according to the audience that it seeks to target so that its intent remains clear. For instance, the website issued in public interest by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nigeria is totally different from a website that caters to e-shopping like Jumia.com.

Website Development:

Depending on the type of website, the coding and other applications are developed. New content, relevant to your website, is created and old content is refined. A website’s content plays an important role in driving traffic to the site. So, it must be carefully designed and relevant. Videos, slideshows, podcasts etc. that are meant to be displayed on the website, too, are developed in this stage.

Test, Launch, Deliver:

Now, the site’s functionality is tested. Any links that are broken or missing are repaired; bugs are fixed and plugins that are essential to enhance the fu
nctioning of the site are installed.

The site is optimised to run smoothly in the recent browser versions and compatibility issues in terms of different browsers are tested.

Once the website is deemed to be fully functional and is fully reviewed and approved, it is launched on the worldwide web where it is available to all the internet users.


You have a wonderful website that is now up and running. It’s time to use to social media strategies and search engine optimization tools to increase the number of people that visit it.

Give your website a terrific Google rank. Treat yourself and your business to a great online response through these strategies! Competitor analysis, keyword studies and great, unique content are some other tools that increase and enhance your web presence.


We understand that your business is dynamic and ever growing. Your website needs to be responsive to that. It needs to be constantly updated and reviewed to remain competitive and relevant on the web.

Naijagosocial would be happy to offer you website development packages that would be just great for your business. Contact us to know more!

Do you need a website for your business?


Nigeria, has around 40% of the total population glued to the internet. This gives us a whooping total of 56 million potential customers.. Tapping this enormous number through any form of print advertisement will not only be quite tedious but probably impossible. Here, a website becomes crucial.

A website, today, is probably the most cost-effective marketing tool that is available to buyers and sellers worldwide. What is impossible with print media or any other form of advertising is made possible with the online promotional strategies.

As the world economy makes a dramatic shift from brick and mortar stores to virtual shops, the need for a well-developed, professional looking, Google-friendly website arises.

Here’s why you need a website for your business:

You need an online propaganda to bring your business into the limelight! With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like taking over our lives, anyone and everyone yearns to be someone! We all want our claim to fame. So does our business!

With an ever expanding population of 20 million shoppers hooked to e-shopping, the scope of growing your business online is tremendous. A simple website places you on the global marketing platform.

No matter if it is a small business set up or a multinational chain. The need to be online is equally important irrespective of the size of the business.

Being a small fish you should not worry about multinational competitors?’

The size of your office doesn’t matter or even the fact that you have a virtual setup doesn’t make a difference. An attractive website with an effective content backed up with search engine optimisation strategies is all you need to project your image and professionalism as that of a large company with professional standards.

Only the company with the better website strategies in place takes the cake. We see amazing examples of small scale set ups like Konga.com and Jumia.com that struggled to find their groove in their initial years and later, made it to the top notch of Nigeria’s e-commerce space.

There are no online time zones to affect your business or to hold you back. A website operates at all times irrespective of the business hours.

You don’t need to worry about losing sleep over your business or about losing customers while you’re away on a vacation. A website for your business has it all covered. Rest easy with a website that ensures no matter what you’re busy with, your business is out there, within simple reach of potential customers.

Credibility and goodwill are what any business needs! A website helps you build these. If you have a website that allows potential customers to refer to, your reputation as a serious business is established.


A website costs less than any form of print material and the distribution costs accompanied with it. Moreover, it is flexible and allows you to present constantly updated and revised content. Naija Go Social specialises in creating good and meaningful content. An effective website  allows you to reap additional financial benefits by placing merchant links and ads on your site.

You don’t have to be selling a product to consider owning a website. A place in the worldwide web is essential for everyone. You can recruit people for your business, get online appraisals done, educate your customers, share information or even aim at creating awareness about current social issues thr
ough a website.

Nowadays, with the smart phone being a permanent fixture in everyone’s hand, the access to the online ecosystem is easy and continuous, making the website an even important tool for growing any business and garnering worldwide exposure. A website makes you more successful and we’re here to guide you and help you with it at every step of the way. We have a team of tech experts who would be happy to help you with website designing, website development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We, at NaijaGoSocial, offer our affordable and highly professional services that guarantee an impressive website for your business! All you need to do is get in touch with us!

Online reputation management


Taking a business online comes with a huge social responsibility. As soon as the business becomes global, it is in full public view, the expanse of your reach increases. Similarly, the number of people voicing their opinion about you also increases.

There is a need to manage these voices.

A proactive approach in managing your public profile and online reputation is absolutely necessary today. Let’s face it. There are no second chances in the corporate world.

These days to be able to trade, people need to build a strong online reputation. No matter how polished and refined your product looks on your website, a customer will always base his final choice on the reviews received from former customers. With sites like Jumia.com and Konga.com presenting the customers the opportunity of giving their reviews publicly on the services provided to them, it has become essential to manage those reviews. According to onlinesurveys , Nigerian web users often make corporate decisions or purchase choices based on online reviews given by previous customers.

Employment websites like Glassdoor and Jobberman allow business employees to post their reviews and salaries on the site for public view and appraisal. Defamatory reviews about your company may seriously jeopardise your business.

Negative or inaccurate reviews about your business, online, may damage your business extensively and tarnish your corporate image, making a control over such posts indispensable. Also, there is a need to promote positive content pertaining to your business.

The online reviews posted by customers are just one part of the story.

What if your customers are being swindled online by some imposter?

Nigeria has gained the reputation of being the hub of internet scammers. Beware of 419 with 6 percent of the world’s scams being traced to different locations in Nigeria. Criminals use fake identities to send out mass emails promising potential victims large sums of money or romance. The targets are generally referred to as ‘Magas’, etymologically derived from a Yoruba word meaning ‘fool’.

Some may even stoop to the extent of scamming people under the false pretext of renowned companies. Plausible seeming accounts on social media, too, are a popular way of making contact with victims.

Don’t let your hard earned reputation be threatened!

When the reputation of your business is jeopardised, it becomes essential to employ immediate measures to manage it. There are certain tactics that come in handy while managing a company’s online profile.

Go Social
Social Media helps you to address your customer complaints right away. This not only gives you a wider market but also protects your brand’s name from being used by online impersonators. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+ have a large influence over the global netizens. Nigerian internet users follow Naijapals, Zoopy, Gnaija, Naijaborn and a multitude of other online social networks, making it easier for people to connect and publicise their business.

Managing a blog
Blogs draw a lot of internet users, generate traffic and increase your web presence. You get a chance to publish content related to your business and make a relevant impact on your prospective customers.

Be unique!
Think of unique ways to popularise your product. Videos are a great way to attract attention and give information.Other options may include publicising sponsors and events that generate traffic to your brand.

Also, you can expect updated and consistent information about the Google ranking of your website achieved as a result of our online reputation management strategies.

The Naija Go Social highly experienced team will take care of your social media updates and online promotional tactics. We have experts that deal in creating effective conten
t for your website and developing blogs and support forums that guarantee a massive web presence to your business.

To effectively manage your online reputation and social media marketing, get in touch with Naija Go Social.

Google-friendly sites

“My site doesn’t show up on Google!” “How do I reach out to a large audience?”

Everything about the website feels great. It has amazing colours, a great layout and it just works flawlessly. BUT, it’s nowhere on Google.

Essentially to be a traffic magnet, a site has to get a terrific ranking with Google, the world’s most popular search engine. When a website is featured in the top Google ranks, the market to which it reaches out and the customer base automatically gains leverage.

The top things that one can do to create Google-friendly sites are:

1.OPTIMISING the content: Continue reading



The most hotly debated elections of Africa, 2015, saw the rise of Muhammadu Buhari, a retired army general and former Head of state of Nigeria, as the president.

As the country stood on a standstill, waiting for the electoral results to be out, thousands of impatient Nigerians took to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to discuss, contemplate and predict the election. With the postponement of the results, the excitement and contemplation of Nigeria reached a new level.

Digital media and social technology played a decisive role in helping Buhari win the presidential title. Here’s how the Nigerian presidential elections played out on social media.

With 14 candidates up for the contest, only Muhammadu Buhari, a former army general and sitting President Goodluck Jonathan stood a realistic chance of winning.

With Nigerian technologists consistently posting on the numerous social networks after the polling units were closed, the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was gradually apparent long before it was announced officially by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Unofficial updates by enthusiastic Nigerians volunteering as electoral officers were seen trending on Twitter. The electoral process was covered and debated over at every step of the way through popular hashtags like: #Nigeriadecides #thisisbuhari  #gejwinsit #forwardnigeria #apcforchange #apcnigeria #thingsmustchange #apckingdom

The new face of Nigeria, Muhammudu Buhari.

The new face of Nigeria, Muhammudu Buhari.

The Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG), formed by broadcast organizations, civil society organizations and various professional groups, came to life on the Facebook to deliberate over the presidential elections. ‘To organize an avenue for issue based debates amongst candidates so as to provide the electorates a firsthand opportunity to assess the presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls and make informed decisions while casting their votes during the elections’, was the group’s cited mission.

PDP relegated consistently that “elections are not won on social media”. However, the social media networks were instrumental in shaping the views of the Nigerians. Social media campaigns, today, have a crucial role to play in determining the scenario on the electoral front. Neglecting the power that the social media asserts on the public was a fundamental mistake on the behalf of the PDP.

Muhammadu Buhari sealed the deal with his online followers, sharing his personal life and experiences with them, through constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. The reformed democrat posted photographs of his personal life on Facebook seeking compassion from the crucial voters.

The general’s first tweet: “Good afternoon my friends! This will now be my official Twitter handle to communicate with you. – GMB” got around 1000 retweets. The 72 year old has garnered 18000 followers since he joined Twitter.
The APC flooded the online world with perfection.

While PDP continued to lose faith, especially in the light of the Boko Haram violence, the APC established itself amongst the millions of Nigerian internet users.

As is the case with every business endeavor, social media campaigning is essential in the political arena too. Social media hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other platforms are necessary tools to connect with citizens and reaching out to them on a wider, more global scale. The online network provides p
opular options wherein the people, too, can raise their voices and get their messages heard across the table.