The Rise of E-commerce in Nigeria

BUYING AND SELLING HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY! Or let’s admit it, efficient. Oh, and even money wise!

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) in Nigeria plays a key role as a catapult in propelling the African country’s Gross Domestic Product. With a massive population of 174 million residents, largely concentrated in Kano and Lagos, a large number of African netizens are shifting to online shopping portals to buy their stuff.


The sheer availability of everything, online, and the smartly designed websites that make promises to deliver everything at your doorstop are the reasons that have everyone rooting in the favour of e-shopping. With banks like United Bank of Africa and GT Bank (and all others) opening up net banking options for the online buyers, it is actually possible to carry a bank with you, wherever you go. The ease and convenience that comes with electronic banking has opened many doors for Nigeria’s e-commerce. Not only this, when prominent banks come out with these options, the customer feels totally safe and confident while dealing online.

Passport USA or the PUSA card (by Zenith Bank) has made e-shopping quite secure for Nigerian users. Another effective card is the shopping card introduced by MasterCard that aims at bridging the global divide between Nigerian buyers and global sellers.

The rapidly increasing web presence and the dawn of smart phones on the human race have fostered the online trade community. The benefits of having an online shop go both ways. While a compulsive shopper enjoys the convenience of browsing through a shopping catalogue online, the seller enjoys the far reaching and cost effective solutions provided by an online business.

Rise of E-commerce in Nigeria will impact everyone

With the rise of E-commerce in Nigeria, more and more people are buying online. Seen here is a shop-keeper sleeping during the day, probably he need to be online too 🙂


While Jumia is probably the biggest independent online retailer in Africa, Kaymu is touted to be Nigeria’s very own e-bay! It allows the sellers fixed price sales and auction bid processes to sell their products.

But, e-commerce is not confined to retail shopping. It encompasses a whole spectrum of diverse businesses in general.

Wakanow, an online Nigerian travel agency, promises the services of a regular table and chair office. With this site, it is possible to book a flight, arrange airport pick-ups or make hotel reservations in any part of the world.

Dealdey plays the virtual tourist guide which promises to you, the benefits of daily discounted coupons for the best places to visit, the things to do, see and shop for in Lagos. You can book travel packages or a visit to the spa with just a click of your mouse and also save a tremendous deal on your chosen services!

Any market with a penny worth its name has a real estate business backing it up. For potential customers seeking services related to buying and selling of properties, the online real estate agent is a convenient option. With Nigerian sites like,, and many more making their competitive presence known on the web, it has become even more effortless to invest in a property, irrespective of its location on the planet.

Not just these, your daily essential items are waiting to be picked on the internet and that, too, at fair prices. There are online grocery stores, florists, gift shops, pet stores, car dealers, used items stores. You name it, and the web comes up with a store for every activity.


The Rocket Internet start-up, Kaymu  has acquired for itself, a reputation of being equivalent to internet biggies like e-bay and Alibaba in just a few years of its start up operations in Pakistan and Africa. Started in 2012, Kaymu has grown to encompass a few countries in Asia and 10 African countries. Kaymu Nigeria has become a major contributor to the revenue generation system of the African e-commerce industry.

Jumia too, has had a growth that is nothing short of spectacular. Launched in 2012 as a garage operation in Lagos, Jumia too, has carved an entire niche for itself on the online commerce front by capturing several major markets in Africa.

These ventures make success look like a piece of cake. This may be true, too, owing to the fact that with a carefully planned social media strategy and search optimization skills in place, it is possible to reach their level.

With Nigeria’s e-business still growing at a rapid pace, its contribution to the country’s GDP remains only 0.8%. The online business industry in Nigeria has a long, long way to go to let the world feel its presence on the global e-commerce front. With the gradual acceptance of e-commerce by the economy, the Nigerian businesses are taking the online world by storm.

The not-so-distant future, thus, promises a steady, bright and sunny future to E-commerce in Nigeria.

Me, too! Yes, YOU too.

These success stories might have you thinking, that if it was possible for them, it might be possible for you too. If you have everything that you feel your business needs to succeed, a prominent web presence is all you need!

Why not give your business a push and launch it onto the server? Why not adopt a medium that makes you and your customers totally safe and through which they can always be in touch! Your business experience transforms, giving your buyers access to you 24/7. With a smart mobile app, they can transact while riding a cab, too. Physical presence or an office with walls for commercial dealings to take place is a thing of the past.

So, if these success stories of E-commerce in Nigeria have you yearning to have one of your own tales, give us a call. We provide the best services for E-commerce in Nigeria, from design and development of portals to their Digital Marketing campaigns. Your business just might be the next big thing in the market.