Fuel scarcity in Nigeria

Nigeria from #fuelSubsidy to#FuelScarcity

Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa and is ranked 11th worldwide in oil production. If we average Nigeria’s daily oil supply it comes out 2.28 million barrels which alone can provide supply for 45 years! But due to erratic turn of events, fuel scarcity in Nigeria is bringing production to halt. Business began closing down,telecoms announced cut in their services,radio stations are silenced, many airlines have been cancelled.

People over there are showing their wrath on social media. “There shouldn’t be fuel scarcity in  a place where fuel comes from #fuel scarcity” , tweeted one person. And within a week this hashtag gained popularity of 38.8%”. With the average of 2 posts per day and monthly increase of 24% in popularity,  it became one of the most trending posts on twitter. Not only this, there were around 3000 posts on Instagram with fuel scarcity in Nigeria as tagline.

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The popularity trend of the hashtag can be clearly seen from the picture. ( source hashtagify.me/hashtag/fuelscarcity)

The popularity trend of the hashtag can be clearly seen from the picture. ( source hashtagify.me/hashtag/fuelscarcity)

#FuelSubsidy #OccupyNigeria

According to the reports,the decision of  oil marketers to create scarcity is main  culprit and the reason being they want to put burden on FG to pay the losses incurred from price change of petrol and to gain their remaining subsidy claims.

But people haveblamed the  fuel subsidies provided during the presidential tenure of Goodluck as the major cause. In 2011, Goodluck administration budgeted about N1.6 billion $ to subsidise which came out to be N2.6 trillion $. And this resulted in 100% rise in oil prices.

.”#GoodbyeGEJ even though you started with fuel subsidy you still managed to end with fuel scarcity!”The tweet came on  ‘Democracy Day’ clearly shows how much people held him responsible for the present oil crises.

Due to extension of budget, the prices of oil were increased 100%. This lead to a new movement #OccupyNigeria. The main aim of the movement was to reduce the subsidies so as to reduce oil prices but it was not that much successful.

Imagine if we had the right people when we raised motion on mismanagement in #fuelSubsidy in 2011, we won’t have this fuel scarcity” tweeted BukolaSarakit of ACP. 

“ Nigeria doesn’t have single oil refinery in the country, the biggest oil producer in Africa has no capacity to refine its oil?#FuelScarcity

Another major cause of fuel scarcity in Nigeria is lack of refineries. Its like they are producing their oil and exporting for refining and then importing the refined oil at market prices. And above this due to non payment of about N278million dollars, importers stopped providing the supply and started strike.

“ Now importers are more stronger than Nigerian government , they decide its condition” tweeted a per

#NoElectricity #NoLight

More than 50% of the imported fuel is used for power generation purposes. So scarcity of fuel lead to shortage of power and power cut. At some places they have been surviving for 72 hours without electricity.

“ If you put on your power generating set for one hour at a stretch, you deserve a chieftaincy title at least in your hometown #NoElectricity”, tweeted a person adding humour to the situation.


#ShutdownIn Nigeria

“Diesel scarcity jeopardise MTN operation”

The adversities of people reached its peak when Leading telecom company indicated the warning of their shutdown through this tweet. And one of the officials confirmed it by saying” MTN’s available reserves are running low and the company must source for a significant quality of diesel in the very near future to prevent shutdown of services across Nigeria”.

After this Airtel also declared the warning of of shutdown on their Facebook page.

Other than telecom companies Nigeria’s leading bank, GTB also announced the early closing due to lack of fuel.

#BringBackOurGirls turned into #BringBackOurFuel

As the situation kept worsening, people started a new hashtag, bring back our fuel.

“ no fuel for aviation?? #BringBackOurFuel I want to go home this summer!”was one of the many tweets.

In a bid to ease the stress IfeanyiUbah declared to make available 13 million litre of fuel. But this won’t be sufficient to erase the problem. And now Buhari’s turn to find the solution as people started with a new hashtag “#BabaNowYouAreHere”.


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