The ironical plight of Nigeria is that it is suffering on account of scarcity of the resource it has in abundance. The nationwide disturbances in the sectors like- telecommunications, aviation and banking due to fuel scarcity have not only brought Nigeria’s economy to a decline but also paralyzed the common man. Course of many political events in the past few months are being held responsible for the strikes, theft, and rise in oil prices. Mismanagement of oil refineries is another major factor which has contributed to fuel shortages.

The productive life of Nigeria came to almost a standstill situation when the oil wholesalers had stopped distributing fuel alleging the government owed them $1bn. Cell phone providers warned countrywide shut-down, flights were grounded and foreign aircrafts were diverted to other countries to get refueled. Much of the electricity infrastructure in Nigeria is dependent on diesel-powered generators which also suffered due to fuel shortage. As a result many banks reduced their working time and large number of areas suffered long hours of power-cut.

All these events cast a spell of terror over the Nigerians. A terror of darkness, crippled future and shattered economy.

But, deep inside we all have that power which enables us to stay courageous and face the challenges head on.

The Fuel Man by Naija Go Social

The Fuel Man

To boost that power and fight the evil crisis of oil, we have created a SUPER HERO- FUEL MAN, the golden hero with abundant supply of fuel!

Golden, shining fuel runs through his veins, has brawny arms to smash down the evils of darkness, and owns a kind heart which brims with energy. He is tall, smart and handsome. Kind yet powerful- The FUEL MAN DECIDES WISELY.

Equipped with the super power to refuel the lives running out of energy, he has come to rescue us from fuel crisis and remind us to hold on firmly the power of our fortitude.

The Fuel Man has emerged as a figure to calm down the panicky people. He has the power to replenish our dying spirits.  Our strength lies in the truth that Nigeria can never run out of fuel but the energies around us- pessimism, jealousy, greed, unwillingness snatches away the truth from us and we stop believing it.

So, let us believe in the Truth and never lose hope, above all ‘Fuel Man’ has just arrived to rescue us!!! “No long queues, Fuel Man is here to rescue”.

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