Website development

A website is one of the most important assets for a business. It is the best form of communication that can help you reach out to a widespread population without burning a hole in your Pocket.


Shape Your Ideas
You may have a lot of abstract ideas that, if presented properly and clearly, can be a blessing for your business. A website presents you with an opportunity to explore a multitude of possibilities for expanding your business through the internet. Naija Go Social helps you mould these ideas into actions.

Key features of a Website:

  • Content: It must have content that is relevant and comprehensive. The users should be able to find what they’re looking for, quickly and easily. One should also keep in mind the right keywords people are searching for.
  •  Engagement: After the initial good impression, it becomes essential to engage the users with right apps or videos and generate their curiosity.
  •  User-Friendly: The website must be smooth, easy to navigate and have error-free web pages that load quickly.Information mentioned on the website needs to be crisp, clear and carefully managed.

The technical aces at Naijagosocial will assist you at each stage of website development, right from helping you develop your ideas into a website that is perfect for your business to ensuring that your website has a terrific Google rank using Search Engine Optimisation, i.e. SEO strategies.


  • Prior to the above steps, we like to engage with our clients.. and try to know you better, your aspirations for your business become evident. A discussion with you helps us know: The motive of the website,target audience And the type of content. Planning:

The planning stage includes the development of a site map wherein the main topics of the site are enlisted. A comprehensive navigational system can only be developed when we are clear about the content that the website is supposed to cater to. Setting up wireframes gives us an idea about the layout of each web page in the site. The content hierarchy on a web page may be established using wireframes.



The visual delight that one feels on visiting a website is a result of this stage. The final decision for the design of the website lies with you.

The website must reflect and reinforce the brand or business’s image through its design by virtue of logos or colours used. Also, it is imperative to design the site according to the audience that it seeks to target so that its intent remains clear. For instance, the website issued in public interest by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nigeria is totally different from a website that caters to e-shopping like

Website Development:

Depending on the type of website, the coding and other applications are developed. New content, relevant to your website, is created and old content is refined. A website’s content plays an important role in driving traffic to the site. So, it must be carefully designed and relevant. Videos, slideshows, podcasts etc. that are meant to be displayed on the website, too, are developed in this stage.

Test, Launch, Deliver:

Now, the site’s functionality is tested. Any links that are broken or missing are repaired; bugs are fixed and plugins that are essential to enhance the fu
nctioning of the site are installed.

The site is optimised to run smoothly in the recent browser versions and compatibility issues in terms of different browsers are tested.

Once the website is deemed to be fully functional and is fully reviewed and approved, it is launched on the worldwide web where it is available to all the internet users.


You have a wonderful website that is now up and running. It’s time to use to social media strategies and search engine optimization tools to increase the number of people that visit it.

Give your website a terrific Google rank. Treat yourself and your business to a great online response through these strategies! Competitor analysis, keyword studies and great, unique content are some other tools that increase and enhance your web presence.


We understand that your business is dynamic and ever growing. Your website needs to be responsive to that. It needs to be constantly updated and reviewed to remain competitive and relevant on the web.

Naijagosocial would be happy to offer you website development packages that would be just great for your business. Contact us to know more!

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