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Social media is the new marketing buzzword. Today, 67 million Nigerians are online; engaged consuming content, watching Youtube videos and sharing it all on social media! The advent of inexpensive smart phones and cheaper internet bundles is taking Nigerians on Social Media, by the millions. Also, being a young country with youth making up 55 per cent of population Social Media in Nigeria is here to stay.

A very crucial part of Online Marketing success lies in Social Media Marketing strategies! There are a number of Social Media platforms your brand can use in Nigeria like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. helping you engage and connect with your target audience. z. Popular and trending items on Social media can bring a huge amount of traffic and give your business the necessary exposure.

The Guaranty Trust Bank or GTBank, Nigeria has revolutionised banking using Social Media. By enabling Social Banking via Facebook, GTBank has gathered over 3 million and growing followers. The success story of GTBank bears testimony to the fact that Social Media brings you closer to your customers and build a strong network. We believe going social isn’t an option anymore, it is a requirement for brands in Nigeria and Naija Go Social can help you do that.

Can Social Media Marketing help my Business?

The answer is YES, a thousand times over. Social media helps get local followers, new leads and also helps in boosting customer satisfaction. With Social Media it is now possible to establish a strong follower base, engage with your audience, solve queries, post product previews, launch consistent offers, get customer feedback and much more.

Moreover, not having an active Social presence might harm your business as customers expect all legitimate businesses to be on Social Media. Web surveys quote that 46 % online customers make purchases based on the Social Media reviews of products.

Which Social Media Channel should you Choose?

It entirely depends on your business objectives. There are numerous social networking sites to help you connect better with your audience: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr etc. It is important to know the target audience to make this decision. A small business setup may begin with a few social channels at first and gradually expand its presence as the business grows.

Get in touch with our Social Media Marketing Company to know what would work best for your business.

What type of Content Supports your Marketing Campaign?

From text updates to multi-media content like photographs, videos, infographics etc; you can post them all on Social Media to gather the relevant viewers. Instagram and Pinterest are picture intensive social networks; Youtube and Vimeo require video content; Google+ is SEO and authorship intensive; Twitter and Facebook marketing works well with all types of content.

For a carefully drawn Social media strategy via content creation, get in touch with our Social Media Marketing agency in Nigeria.

Why Naija Go Social?

Naija Go Social offers a complete digital presence to your business through professional website development, Multi-media content development and Social Media Marketing solutions. Our dedicated strategists combine Social media advertising, along with services like Online Reputation Management and Blogger Outreach to promote your brand in the best ways possible.

Does Social Media Marketing work for small Businesses too?

Yes, Social Media allows you the benefits of E-commerce with minimum resources. Online marketing costs infinitesimally less than a brick and mortar setup and is, therefore, a wise and affordable business decision for all kinds of businesses, especially the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Make the most of what the social media has to offer. Partner with Naija Go Social to connect with your customers like you have never before.