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Website Development

Website is a business’s most important point of communication and differentiating factor on the world wide web. A crisp, informative and engaging website is crucial not only for making the initial cut but also for providing the base for dialogue with potential clients. We possess a vastly experienced team of website designers and developers spread across Nigeria, India, Germany and the USA. Our team has a demonstrated track record of creating websites which enable fruitful interaction with the target audience, thereby generating more leads.

We realize that in a world increasingly overtaken by smartphones, the importance of an app can not be ignored. Our team of smartphone app developers takes businesses right over to the fingertips of the ever increasing Nigerian smartphone users. Our team is capable of developing apps for all platforms (including Android and iPhone).

We believe in working as extended arms of our clients. We know what catches users’ attention. We can help your business grow.

Animation Videos

Take a step ahead of archetypical presentations and jargons!

No matter how complex the business offering be, through our unique animation videos, we make our clients’ businesses and work look simpler yet much more comprehendible and higher visual appeal! These videos could be for customers or training programs which need more engagement. We can infuse life into your boardrooms and websites, and across social media communities.

Content Creation

Smart, crisp and concise! For us, these three themes define the content effective in bringing continued commercial success!

Content is the single largest factor differentiating websites and businesses on the internet. It is this content which powers Digital Marketing. Even the world leading and established brands spend millions on Content Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not possible without content. Search Engines such as Google and Bing reward original and interesting content with higher ranks in search results. Content is important for a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign as well!

We at Naija Go Social, are strong advocates of original and interesting content. We are committed to creating content that gets more likes and shares on Social Media while being cognizant of the brand ethos, thus growing the brands’ Social Media reach. Armed with a deft team of photographers, video-makers, graphic artists, content writers, animators and content strategists, we create engaging content that clicks with the Nigerian netizens.

Social Media Marketing

We are passionate about Internet and Social Media, and would love to share this passion with you.

Nigeria with its young population and rising internet penetration is fast becoming one of the most socially active countries in the whole of Africa. Therefore, brands need to create their own space in the social media world. We at Naija Go Social develop content and social media strategies to help brands achieve greater resonance with the target audience in the social media landscape.

Social Media is for every business: be it an SME or a large multi-million dollar enterprise. At Naija Go Social, we believe that each business should have a different and unique Social Media strategy. We, therefore, work on custom made Social Media solutions as per business requirements.

Corporate Trainings

Allow us to be your beacon in the world of Social Media.

Naija Go Social provides training programs to help management teams become more Social Media savvy. Our training programs are tailor made to solve various business challenges and drive results for your organization.

Corporate branding/designing

One stop shop for all designing needs be it website, logo, corporate gifting or office stationery. We have on board some of the finest art-directors from Lagos, Mumbai and London.